About Jinkatta March 9, 2008

Sharing my heart, rather it be in the form of pen to pad or fingertip to keypad is a passion I feel safe expressing outside of my mind, so as to inform and enlighten others. I find that self expression in the form of writing is an avenue every one should engage in regardless of education or skill. We need to stay in tune; be engaged; be present and aware of our reflections, reactions and responses to the stimuli of this world.  I’m encouraged and inspired to jump feet first into this world of ‘blogging’ and not to put down anyone, but rather to share myself with the world because I feel I have a lot of insight to offer. I’m no one special according to the media, I’m but a mere human with imperfections. But in my imperfections I’m full of thought, ideas and nourishment and to those who care to be challenged by my blog, I say WELCOME and SPEAK UP!   Jinkatta 


3 Responses to “About Jinkatta”

  1. sharrondelisa Says:

    I love the blog. Keep up the good work and continue to
    pursue your dreams of becoming a children’s author.

  2. Helen Burleson Says:

    Thank you for publishing my letter. May I ask you how you happened to have found it. I also appreciate the response from CFrick. Where are you located? I am in a suburb of Chicago.

    I have other articles that I can send you if you are interested.
    hburl1229@aol.com, or (708)747-0919

  3. jinkatta Says:

    I am admitting that there are some emails I don’t send to my white friends and family because I try to use good judgment as well as look out for their feelings regarding issues of race seeing how it is such a sensitive subject. But today I am going to send this email to everyone regardless of race.

    I being of mixed race (my mother who is German and my father a Black American.) love both heritages and embrace them with equality. Unfortunately I live in a country that doesn’t allow my authentic self to be what it is because people want to categorize me according to my looks rather than my BEING. When anyone, regardless of race looks at me, what they see is a black woman. I love that they see this in me, because I am proud to be a black woman, but I am just as proud that my mother is German and that I am half German.

    Today l learned that some organizations recently got together at an event and at this gathering, one of the event vendors sold waffle mix with a very hurtful cartoon -like picture of Barack Obama, titled “OBAMA WAFFLES” on it as well as a very demoralizing message written on the box. When I saw this I immediately thought of my newborn daughter and for the first time looked at ugliness without anger but with different eyes because I am a new mother.

    For those of you who know me what do you see?. What do you see when you look at me, what do you see when you look at my daughter. Do you see color, do you see race, or do you see Kinjatta and Lauren? My hopes are that you see my heart, not my complexion, my spirit, not my hair texture, heck I would even like for you to see my imperfections because I am human. Most importantly I’d like very much for you to see the God in me even when I sin.

    When I learned that James Dobson the host of this very popular radio show, Focus on the Family, was one of the major contributors of this event along with other “conservatives” I gasped, because hate, regardless of ones ethnicity or religion, should not be tolerated and this hate should not be the focus of a family. I am a Christian, a born again believer, this may shock some of you but I am not ashamed to mention it in this email, and I believe that Christ Jesus is the only way. And of course I want everyone else to believe this, but I can not pass judgment or hate those who don’t’ believe what I believe. I am still charged to love them. I don’t have to accept other persons opinions or beliefs, neither do they have to accept mine, but I do have a responsibility to be kind and loving and use words to build and encourage.

    Nobody is perfect not even those in the body of Christ that is why it upsets me that there are those persons who say they love God but have so much fear in their heart and mind that they think Obama is somehow the antichrist and will bring this nation down. Yes Obama supports things that I don’t support, but I generally believe he has a good heart. I also don’t serve Obama, he is not my savior but he is a child of God and professes Christ Jesus as is Lord and Savior. So why the need to depict him as some muslim on a box of waffle mix.

    This country has been divided far too long by human ignorance and the latest ignorance in the form of a waffle box or by red state, blue state, right wing conservative, left wing liberal, working class, middle class, black vote, white vote, Spanish speaking vote and white women vote… THIS NEEDS TO STOP because it is truly eating away at the souls of mankind who can not see the truth simply because they are so locked in to stereotypes and groups which only further divide us rather than allow us to see that the enemy is not a tangible entity. Come on people–step out of the MATRIX and see things for what they truly are and don’t wrap your identity in things you see because the battle is not VISIBLE.

    So I conclude my lamenting by not getting mad at those who breed ignorance in the many disguises of visible costumes labeled as racism, hate, sexism, whatever you want to label it as. I’d rather just pray to God that he will allow me to be a good parent so as to bring up my baby girl to use discernment and not take part in the invisible war that plagues this world.

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