my “beef” w/ cable news on the death of micheal jackson July 2, 2009

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i’m extremely disappointed on the coverage of michael jackson’s passing. i’m appalled at cable news  mocking mj’s death as well as  trying to come up with  the “latest breaking news” based on hear say. GOSSIP!  the facts are not even in, yet everyone including “joe the plumber” has a theory about his death.  i personally don’t think it is any of our business as to how he passed. the only thing we should stay tuned for are the countless  contributions the king of pop made to not only the music world, but to those in need.  i could care less about his children because they deserve every caution of privacy offered to them especially during this difficult time. come on people, they just loss a parent.  not only that they don’t need the same media spotlight on them as was on their father. the media kills and i’ll be darn if the media hurts these innocent children for selfish gain. so leave them the hell alone. it is so evident that media isn’t concerned for the well-being of these children, but rather their our own ratings. how selfish are you cnn, fox, msnbc…

and whether or not mj took drugs is no concern of mine nor should it be yours .CABLE NEWS! this is not the time nor the place to talk about  what he did or did not do. if you and all your guests are concerned about his supposed drug use why didn’t you speak out while he was alive.  it truly amazes me how people just come out of the woodwork when someone dies so as to be seen on tv or experience fame for a lousy few minutes.

i’m also hearing speculation of where michael jackson is to be buried. my gosh people, the family hasn’t even released a statement as to mj’s memorial and burrial yet everyone knows something.  oh and to you disappointed fans who are upset because you stupidly fell into the media’s trap and feel  mj owes you something because you loyally supported his career: he owes you nothing. he’s dead. and for petes sake let the man have some peace in  death. where ever the family decides to bury mj that is their right and their business. we’re fans, their family.

i am a big fan of mj. i however will not discredit his name or legacy because of foolishness. he who is without sin cast the first stone.  and regardless of what you think he did or did not do while he had breath is none of our business. no one should stand in judgment of this man or any man except  God.

so cable news,  get a life and report on things of importance. why don’t you try spending your “no spin zones” and  your “fair and balance news” on stories of inspiration. this constant barrage of negative information is not good for the american people. matter of fact i equate you, cable news to that of a drug pusher.  and your  addicts are  those viewers who feed off  and feed into your lies in order to get a high.

rip michael jackson


2 Responses to “my “beef” w/ cable news on the death of micheal jackson”

  1. jinkatta Says:

    i didn’t spell check or edit, i just wrote what was on my heart.

  2. Tymeshia Beeks Says:

    I think its important for us to put the media in their place and girl, you did a good job.

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