Roland Martin, “Is Sean Hannity man enough to debate me? March 21, 2008

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Is Sean Hannity man enough to debate me?

Its been an absolute trip watching Sean Hannity foam at the mouth on his radio show and TV show over Sen. Barack Obama and his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

What amazes me is how he continues to toss all kinds of nonsense out, and no one corrects him.

Now, Hannity really tries to hold himself up as a big-time Christian, but I have doubts about that. Oh, yea, I said it. If you listen to his hateful talk, then he doesn’t walk the walk.

I think the real issue is that Sean Hannity and the conservative blowhards are absolutely afraid of Obama. They have absolutely NO LOVE for Sen. John McCain, and when they don’t have anyone to love, they need someone to hate.

And their hate has turned to Sen. Barack Obama.

When I listen to Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Conservative Cabal, they claim to be defenders of truth and honesty, yet they are strangely silent – VERY SILENT – when their own conservative preachers make some of the most outlandish comments.

This is not about defending Rev. Wright or Sen. Obama. It’s about defending the First Amendment, the goodness of an individual, but most of all, the truth.

So, I’m issuing this challenge to you. Ask Sean Hannity why he won’t honor his own word to have me on his show. That’s what he told me at the Radio Hall of Fame when we met in 2006. When he heard I had done Bill O’Reilly’s show on nearly a dozen occasions, he said, “Well we’ve got to have you on my show!”

So, Sean, what say you? Are you willing to debate someone who isn’t afraid of you? are you willing to debate someone who isn’t gonig to back down from you?

You claim to be a Christian. I’m a Christian. Let’s have a REAL discussion about the church – black and white. Let’s have a REAL discussion about race in America – black and white. Let’s have a real discussion about the issues of the day – in black and white.

You keep quoting the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but you don’t LIVE the dream. Maybe you do. Let’s start with a conversation.

Time to man up, Sean!


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