marabout, a blog contributor from another blog wrote March 21, 2008

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JINKATTA,Two things, Race is a socio-historical construct. Black and white are not biological facts of humanity. A person is black or white only so far that is identified as such and so and so forth. To be born of a black identified parent and white identified parent does not preclude you from being black identified simply because race is something made up and chose by both the individual and society. Mixed and black are not mutually exclusive(obviously) One subsumes the other. By the standards of American racial “rules” there is no biracial race. Yes, these rules are made up just like the one-drop rule and the ” if your ancestors came from Europe and you adopt our values you can be white” rule. No one is simply black or white. They become black and white through a process of socialization and engagement with the dominant social order. Often enough identity is constantly negogiated and context-dependent but it is never given. Also, black and white are not equivalent since both are constructed differently and one is dominant over the other. There is a strong asymetrey going on there.

So, OBama identifies as black. By the rules of American society he can do that and has chosen to do so. Why would you rob a man you obviously admire of the right to construct his identity any way he so chooses.



One Response to “marabout, a blog contributor from another blog wrote”

  1. jinkatta Says:

    that’s what i’m talking about, enlighten me!

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