iS aMeRiCa ReAlLy ReAdY fOr A bIrAcIal PrEsIdEnT? March 20, 2008

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the answer to the question is NO!  yes, some are looking past obama’s nationality, but overall I’m convinced that americans are not ready for a biracial president because too many americans are focused on his father, his full name and his pastor. this latest gossip which keeps coming up, over and over again, is our nation’s way of saying were not ready for change if change resembles a black man. the media would like americans to think this assassination is on obama’s character, but in reality this is an assassination (secret service members or not) on his physical appearance. my point of view regarding this matter comes from the fact that i’m a biracial woman (my mother–german and my father–a black american who served our country in Vietnam) so i understand the undermining going on. this assassination on obama is clever and full venom. it’s evil, ugly, divisive, wrong, mean, viscous and TRANSPARENT as to its real intentions. one would say that we’ve come far as a country, but NOT FAR ENOUGH and the racism i’m witnessing in 2008 has taken on a new shape, yet with remnants of past hangings. i don’t believe will ever get to the promise land here on earth, especially as i witness so called ‘journalist’ and bias ‘polls’ state mere gossip and untruths. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TRUTH. DON’T BE FOOLED BY WHAT YOU HEAR OR READ.  by golly, my ancestors fought too hard and thousands died to make it possible for me to vote. that’s right, i would not have been able to vote because when you look at me, you see obama. do the research, ask questions, get involved, turn off the t.v.  now back to you so called journalist–lou dobbs, sean hannity just to name two; to you owners of cable network television and producers who run the programing. STOP! stomping and spitting on my ancestor’s grave. what will i tell my little girl about the country she lives in? i will tell her about my savior Christ Jesus in hopes she’ll find truth in Him so as not to be misguided by all the lies and complicated deceptions she’ll be exposed to. i am taking a stand and stating that america isn’t ready for a biracial president and that hurts me to the core, but thank God my identity is in something that is not a part of this world–that’s where my peace of mind lies. right now i want to distant myself from this election because i’ve lost interest, but i still support obama because of how he handles himself in the public eye AND NOT BECAUSE HE’ S BIRACIAL. he’s not perfect, no man is, but i choose him to be my president and if he doesn’t win because of this NONSENSE being spread, my vote will not be for hiliary that’s for sure.now i feel the necessity to inform you of obama’s statement “typical white people” what he is referring to is the population which has been screwed over for years with the ideology that black isn’t good. i know of these people, they at times mean no harm, but what they’ve been taught is an untruth and so they only speak from what they have been indoctrinated in. i don’t blame “typical white people” i blame the adversary who comes to kill, steal and destroy ALL PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF RACE. for our fight isn’t against flesh and blood, but against spirits and principalities. so while the media and viewers tear people up because of _____ remember they do so because they ‘re BLINDED to the absolute truth. oh yeah and hannity from fox cable news boldly stated he is a christian. i ask you mr. hannity what Christ do you serve? because the things you’ve said are not representative of love or what Galatians 5:22 states are the fruit of the spirit. in closing i challenge any typical person to love someone by using words that build up a person up, rather than words that tear one down.  wouldn’t you agree the tongue can be used for good, but in its natural state it’s rotten/evil to the core. God help us.i’ve spoke my mind

now you speak on it


8 Responses to “iS aMeRiCa ReAlLy ReAdY fOr A bIrAcIal PrEsIdEnT?”

  1. jinkatta Says:

    HMMMMM, interesting the now top story,
    “obama passport breach”, good thing it happen to a clinton, makes it fair right? what do you think? i must say the timing is weird and sounds like a movie i once watched on dvd. so is big brother watching me too. sure they are. it don’t matter if you black, brown, yellow, red, white, they’re watching you and not just on cbs.

    ha ha

  2. jinkatta Says:

    The Roland Report
    Roland challenges conservative critic Hannity to debate

    check out Roland Martin’s blog http://www.essence.com

  3. Opa Says:

    I think, as I believe Senator Obama does, that it is important for Americans to get this all out, painful as it might be. The African American experience of history, right up to this very day, is a 5-ton elephant in the room that we’ve all been dancing around since Civil Rights was passed. So, whether we are ready for a black President or not, maybe Reverend Wright’s irreverent words will work toward God’s ultimate purpose.


  4. jinkatta Says:

    To Opa, feels like I’m responding to my grandpa because that’s what you call your grandpa in German, Opa. So Opa, thank you for your reply. At this moment I think of Paul who once persecuted many because he was blinded, but in the end look at all the great things he did to spread the truth.

  5. the unknown Says:

    This country is not ready for a black president. I smell fear from all those who are throwing Barack Obama under the train. Fear fear fear which is False Evidence Appearing Real

  6. the unknown Says:

    Even if Barack doesn’t get the nominee he will still be fine. Your persecution of him will not hurt him only those who feel the need to be so hateful. Barack is loved by a lot of people and will be just fine. Barack doesn’t have to answer to you America, he only needs to answer to God. You America is not is sufficiency.

  7. jinkatta Says:

    I guess they are because we now have Obama as our president.

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