Hello World! March 9, 2008

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I welcome you to share your thoughts openly and honestly about topics, issues, or current events posted by me on my blog (SPEAK UP).  I am hoping this blog provides a forum for continued healthy discussions about the issues that cause us to react and respond to what is going on around us, but in silent. And where we feel we have no control over what is taking place in our community, society and nation, BUT want desperately to be heard.  I’m hoping your replies will generate fuel for an unstoppable discussion.  Please note that my blog is in its infancy so be patient with me while I develop it to make is better!  Stay tuned for the latest topics to be discussed.  Now I’d be offended if you could not express yourself openly and honestly. This blog has no censorship.  I started this blog in hopes that it would facilitate  open communication regardless if we agree on issues or not. To me it’s all about respect. I respect your right to feel the way you feel regardless if I agree or not. I strongly believe that we as a nation will never come together if we don’t talk about they very things we keep silent or keep only to our communities. I want to hear what you have to say, educate me, enlighten me, encourage me so I too can encourage you to SPEAK ON IT!  Just click on the title and begin lamenting.    Jinkatta 


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